we’re hello pure.
health and nutrition for busy people.

hello pure was co-founded by Emma to feed her fermented food & nutrition addiction.

Whilst living in the US she became hooked on the sour, tangy and unique taste of unpasteurised and wild-fermented sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha and kefir. Moving back to the UK she couldn’t find much fermented food. So Emma made more of her own and shared recipes with friends and family – and she found that they couldn’t get enough! Emma decided to have a go at getting fermented food out to a wider audience. As she discovered, making huge crocks of kraut is a little bit trickier than small, bubbling jars sat on the kitchen counter. But after transforming her garage into a purpose-built fermenting kitchen and a serious amount of research and preparation, she’s now making copious amounts of delicious ferments in a 5-star rated kitchen and selling these at artisan markets in and around Manchester. And so hello pure was born

Emma realised that as well as the fermented food she was providing, people were also asking for other types of nutrients including supplements for energy, sleep and mood.

Emma now runs two separate brands: Booch & Brine for fermented food and drinks and hello pure for supplements and other nutrition products. Welcome to hello pure

This is Emma, Chief Fermenter

Emma Thackray is co-founder of hello pure. She loves food and cooking in general and fermenting in particular. Her house is full of experimental pots of fermented food and drink and the interesting smells that go with it! Emma is on a quest to learn more about gut health and what we can do to help our gut microbiome to thrive.

Meet Arianna, she heads up our R&D

Dr. Arianna Di Stadio MD has a PhD, is a Senior Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School and is an expert in neurodegenerative disease. Arianna creates our supplement formulations and carries out our scientific research and analysis. She also loves cooking (she’s Italian!) and spends her spare time creating healthy and nutritious meals, some of which you will find on our site.

Nicole is a Therapeutic Chef and Holistic Nutritionist

Nicole Di Nardo is a graduate of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Nicole runs her own nutrition business working with clients 1:1 to develop personalised nutrition plans. She also creates amazing dishes that not only look and taste amazing but are carefully crafted to maximise health and nutrition. Luckily for us, Nicole contributes to our blog and also carries out our hello pure nutritional consultations.